Tim Angel


I studied to become a personal trainer whilst completing my degree in Occupational Therapy in 2003. Having worked with many clients in my career as both a Personal Trainer and Occupational Therapist, I have been able to develop a deep understanding of the human body, posture, injury rehabilitation and gait. Most interesting to me is the manner in which all aspects of our movement, posture and lifestyle intertwine to create natural, pain free movement, health and wellbeing.

In my work as an Occupational Therapist, I facilitate rehabilitation for both physical and psychosocial injury/conditions. This has allowed me to notice trends in our current lifestyles that are causing us to ‘d-evolve’. Most notably is a reduction in the ability of the human race to maintain suitable posture and primal movement patterns. This inspired me to re-engage with my clinical experience as a Pilates Instructor to improve the health and lifestyle of our clients at Alive.

In my sessions you can expect my inner larrikin to come out, I love to share a laugh and encourage participants to enjoy the time they have dedicated to themselves. I have a keen focus on postural correction and control. I aim to deliver sessions that are achievable yet provide aspirational direction for future improvement.

Training on the reformer is unlike any other form of exercise. The instability of the reformer ensures activation of postural muscles that simply don’t get activated in other forms of grounded exercise. It is perfect for the human body as there is limited impact making it perfect for fitness, rehabilitation and conditioning.

Lauren Angel