Fiona Kriaris


When I discovered Yoga I started my own personal practice and loved the feeling it gave me, a sense of connection to my inner world that then translated to my outer world. It then evolved with my Yoga Teacher Training, learning the richness in the Yogi philosophy and overall appreciation as an art form. Yoga has now become a way of living and this is what I love most about Yoga! Having the opportunity to be able to share it with others is a blessing.

My studies in Yoga and other related subjects are;

• Purna Yoga- Byron Bay Yoga Centre

• Meditation Teacher Training

• Lotus Flow Super sequencing Training

• Updog Yoga Mentorship

• Mindfulness Training

• Reiki Mastership

In my classes I create a focused environment for students to connect with their bodies and minds to cultivate a deeper awareness and appreciation of the yoga practice. I encourage each individual to delve deeper into the session through varying postures while incorporating the optional Vinyasa Flow throughout the sequencing. After such exploration the practice ends with dedicated time to drift into a conscious relaxed state, allowing one to become invigorated, refreshed, and at peace in both mind and body. It is a strong practice that is suitable for all levels. Come be a Yogi with me!

Lauren Angel