Creating your vision for the site

This first step is important, so please take your time. You want to have a meaningful site, not to invest a ton of time in something that you’ll give up on in a few weeks or months.Be in it for the long game. For that to happen, you’ll need to be interested in your niche.So think about all your hobbies over the years. Remember all the things that moved you, the activities that made you lose track of time, the situations that you still keep in mind to this day because something about them was so special.

It’s never really about the people, or yourself for that matter. It’s about the why behind anything you do. And if you ask that question for all these memories you just recalled, you’ll find out your true passions.

Once you have them written down in front of you, see the big picture. This will help you create a vision for the site.

It’s about what it will look like a decade from now, how it will help people, how it might evolve, how it will help you live the lifestyle you dream about. All that is connected, and begins with finding the right niche.

Lauren Angel