Arm Balancing - Saturday 20 October


Arm Balancing. It’s an art form. Practice and precision and a whole lot of trust. Diving into this advanced practice of yoga can seem way off when you are at the beginning of your yoga journey, but don’t dismiss it. When you first sat behind the steering wheel, driving probably seemed impossible. After some practice and guidance, you became a cool calm and collected driver. Same rules apply for anything really. Katie @peachesyoga is going to be your shoulder to lean on for arm balancing workshop. She will hold your hand and your feet as you work to take your practice to the next level. Saturday October 20 at 11am - 1pm. Learn how to Crow, Dolphin, Peacock and Firefly in this intimate setting ( no silk sheets) with only 10 people you can be sure to have all the attention you need to find your precision. Pam @pjwheatley.yoganana will be there for some assistance

Lauren Angel