Starting with the Intro Offer

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At Alive we understand what it’s like to be a customer faced with a multitude of choices and not quite sure where we want to spend our time and money. We get that there are so many elements to making a choice about where we exercise and that sometimes it takes a little time to feel our way.

We created the Alive Intro Offer to give you enough time and space to experience a few classes, different times, styles and teachers before you progress to the next stage.

In 21 Days you should be able to establish a reasonable habit of planning and booking your classes, mixing up the Yoga and Pilates and will probably start to feel positive benefits even in this short time.

Important tips before you get started.

  • Think about what you are wanting to achieve – what are your health and wellbeing goals?

  • Book your class ahead of time to reserve your space and cement your commitment to yourself

  • Know your travel time and where you are going to park

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first class so we can meet you properly, show you around and find out a little about you so we can take care of you.

  • Generally arrive 5-8 minutes before class starts so you can settle in find your space and give yourself time to breath- even a quick cup of our famous spicy tea.

  • Give yourself a break in between classes to allow your body to get used to the exercise- you don’t have to back it up every day!

  • Mix it up and try both Yoga and Pilates to get the full experience of Alive. Just try

  • Ask questions- we are here to help you

  • Consider keeping a small journal of your first 21 days and note the subtle changes in you- physically, mentally and emotionally. This can help you decide what’s next if you can reflect on how you have felt along the journey.

Lauren Angel