New Year, New You (Again?)

Let’s face it this is the time of year when we set new rules, goals; new year resolutions. We honestly believe that this time, this year it will be different as we have procrastinated for far too long and now this is the year.

Then soon enough we default back to the busyness of our daily lives grasping some semblance of the post holiday glow while the grand plans for a new self quickly become a distant memory.

What often limits us is the self- belief that we can make the change we so desire and that we deserve to prioritise ourselves in order to realise our dreams.

I too have made those same excuses; I don’t have time, I’m not really like that, I would if I didn’t have injuries- and the list goes on and on. Often I hear others, particularly women, state that they know they should get fitter and in better shape mentally and physically but the excuses set in.

 Don’t get me wrong I know those excuses are very real to each and every one of us at that time but trust me, don’t allow these to get in the way of something that you really do want to achieve (not just think you should).

 For some reason we also build guilt into our reasoning as we constantly use the prioritisation of others (particularly family) as an excuse to not get started on ourselves. I recall many years ago a wise woman talking to me about the paths I could choose from and I used the guilt excuse to block my progression. Where does this come from she asked me; has your family told you that you can’t do what you want to because of them? This was a light globe moment for me as I woke up to the realisation that what was really stopping me was me – not anyone else!

So before you put yourself last on your 2018 journey of new goals, activities etc. whether it involves travel, study, sport, diet; in fact any change, think about the blocks which automatically arise from within and stop. Take time to think about whether any blocks are real. Do you really not have enough time? Would your family really object to a healthier and happier you? Would friends and family really not pitch in to help if you needed? Do you really not have enough time- could you do a little less of something else?

Have a think about what you really want to achieve and then take action- just small ones to start with, and feel the change within and around you.

Lauren Angel