Yoga- more than a physical practice

In my early 40’s I discovered Yoga while I was teaching fitness classes and entered a new phase in my life. I experimented with a number of styles of Yoga and even became a Bikram Yoga fan for a few years, enjoying the Yang physicality of the postures coupled with the heat. What I came to realise that I benefited more from the transformation of my head space when I found teachers who guided me through a practice which held a more philosophical focus than just the shapes we created on the mat.

It finally dawned on me that it didn’t matter if my Asana practice wasn’t Instagram worthy or that I was often the oldest in the room wearing the largest size Lululemon active wear; I finally discovered acceptance.

I remember stepping into the yoga room at KX Yoga many years ago to be guided by Joey Myers- who quickly became one of my all-time favourite teachers - and felt as if I was transported into another time and place. While the physical practice was carefully executed, Joey led us on a journey of mindfulness, acceptance and encouragement to be curious about what might be. If not now- when - was a particular thing he asked us one day and this simple sentence resonates with me many years later.

When I reflect on my journey I know that Yoga has been a significant part of my ability to navigate the challenges of life. In my teacher training with Byron Yoga I delved into Yoga philosophy learning more about applying such principles into my life which has helped me to live more peacefully and develop my self awareness.

When I step into the Yoga room I leave the outside world behind for an hour or so- knowing it will still be there when I return. I focus on my breath and anchor to the reason I arrived on my mat at that time. I move without judgement and frustration even when my body doesn’t want to play and I accept that right now I am perfect just as I am.

Lauren Angel